West Coast lost a large chunk of its 2006 premiership side, with Wirrpanda, Fletcher, Hunter and Stenglein retiring and Mark Seaby being traded along with veteran Brent Staker.

The Eagles picked up local boy Brad Sheppard in the top 10 and went for experience in the rookie draft, selecting WAFL stars Andrew Strijk and Ashton Hams as well as former Richmond player Jarrad Oakley-Nicholls.

Player arrivals[edit | edit source]

Exchange period: Bradd Dalziell (Brisbane)

National draft: Brad Sheppard (East Fremantle), Koby Stevens (Gippsland Power), Gerrick Weedon (Claremont)

Pre-season draft: Ryan Neates (Claremont)

Rookie draft: Lewis Broome (Claremont), Ashton Hams (South Fremantle), Jarrad Oakley-Nicholls (Richmond), Andrew Strijk (West Perth)

Player departures[edit | edit source]

Retired: Chad Fletcher, Adam Hunter, Tyson Stenglein, David Wirrpanda

Exchange period: Mark Seaby (Sydney), Brent Staker (Brisbane)

Delisted: Jamie McNamara, Ashley Arrowsmith (rookie), Liam Bedford (rookie), Ryan Davis (rookie)

Exchange period[edit | edit source]

Traded To For Notes
Mark Seaby
Pick 39 (Sam Grimley)
Pick 55 (Trent Dennis-Lane)
Sydney Pick 22 (Gerrick Weedon) *Three-way trade
Brent Staker Brisbane Bradd Dalziell *Three-way trade

National draft[edit | edit source]

Pick no. Player From
7. Brad Sheppard East Fremantle/Attadale JFC
22. Gerrick Weedon Claremont/Broome JFC
23. Koby Stevens Gippsland Power/Lucknow JFC

Pre-season draft[edit | edit source]

Pick no. Player From
5. Ryan Neates Claremont/Carine JFC

Rookie draft[edit | edit source]

Pick no. Player From
11. Lewis Broome Claremont/Looma Eagles JFC
27. Andrew Strijk West Perth/Carine JFC
40. Ashton Hams South Fremantle/Busselton JFC
53. Jarrad Oakley-Nicholls Richmond/East Perth

Other players drafted[edit | edit source]

National Draft

12. Kane Lucas (Carlton)

14. Lewis Jetta (Sydney)

42. Nathan Vardy (Geelong)

Rookie Draft

20. Mark Hutchings (St Kilda)

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