As premiership players and fan favourites Mainwaring, Heady and Waterman hung up the boots, another premiership player in big Jason Ball sought a trade to Sydney. Former top-three pick Brendon Fewster shifted to Fremantle in return for a pick in the teens. West Coast did well out of the trade, picking up future captain Darren Glass with the first-round pick received for Ball, while fellow key defender Adam Hunter was snared with a later pick. The Eagles had possibly the greatest rookie draft selection in history, taking champion ruckman Dean Cox.

Player arrivals[edit | edit source]

National draft: Travis Gaspar (South Fremantle), Darren Glass (Perth), David Haynes (Geelong Falcons), Adam Hunter (Swan Districts), Kane Munro (Bendigo Pioneers)

Rookie draft: Dean Cox (East Perth), Kasey Green (East Fremantle), Toby McGrath (South Fremantle)

Player departures[edit | edit source]

Retired: Brett Heady, Chris Mainwaring, Chris Waterman

Traded: Jason Ball (Sydney), Brendon Fewster (Fremantle)

Delisted: Mark Pearson (rookie), Andrew Taylor (rookie), Heath Younie (rookie)

Exchange period[edit | edit source]

Traded To For Notes
Jason Ball Sydney Pick 11 (Darren Glass)
Pick 41 (Kane Munro)
Brendon Fewster Fremantle Pick 16 (David Haynes)

Drafts[edit | edit source]

National draft:

11. Darren Glass (Perth)

14. Travis Gaspar (South Fremantle)

16. David Haynes (Geelong Falcons)

29. Adam Hunter (Swan Districts)

41. Kane Munro (Bendigo Pioneers)

Pre-season draft:

Did not participate

Rookie draft:

12. Toby McGrath (South Fremantle)

28. Dean Cox (East Perth)

44. Kasey Green (East Fremantle)

Other players drafted[edit | edit source]

National Draft

74. Matthew Burton (North Melbourne)

2000 playing squad[edit | edit source]

Senior list
4 David Antonowicz 40 Joel Duckworth 39 Adam Hunter* 5 Chad Morrison 44 David Wirrpanda
6 Drew Banfield 32 Andrew Embley 27 Glen Jakovich 31 Kane Munro* 13 Josh Wooden
45 Laurie Bellotti 7 Chad Fletcher 18 Rowan Jones 21 Michael O'Brien
34 Scott Bennett 19 Michael Gardiner 2 Dean Kemp 36 Phil Read
10 Michael Braun 26 Travis Gaspar* 28 Chris Lewis 42 Chad Rintoul
15 Callum Chambers 7 Fraser Gehrig 30 Peter Matera 22 Nick Stone
9 Ben Cousins 23 Darren Glass* 33 Phil Matera 16 Paul Symmons
35 Jaxon Crabb 38 David Haynes* 11 Ashley McIntosh 50 Ryan Turnbull
14 Scott Cummings 20 Brandon Hill 17 Guy McKenna 12 Mitchell White
29 Andrew Donnelly 25 Todd Holmes 8 Daniel Metropolis 37 Andrew Williams
Rookie list
48 Dean Cox* 43 Simon Duckworth 47 Kasey Green* 46 Toby McGrath*

(* indicates new addition to playing list)

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