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With Port Adelaide joining the competition, West Coast were able to engineer a deal with the new club that netted them the prized number 1 pick and junior star Michael Gardiner. In return for getting Shane Bond and Brayden Lyle for a low pick, Port agreed to sign the uncontracted Ian Downsborough and as a result West Coast were given the top pick (as well as pick 24, used on Josh Wooden) as compensation. The Eagles also picked up 200-gamer Michael Braun late in the draft.

Player arrivals[]

Exchange period: Ilija Grgic (Western Bulldogs)

National draft: Michael Braun (Bendigo Pioneers), Trent Cummings (Fitzroy), Michael Gardiner (Claremont), Nick Stone (Claremont), Josh Wooden (NSW-ACT Rams/Lockhart)

Rookie draft: Paul Blair (Subiaco), Todd Nener (East Perth), Trent Simpson (East Perth), Ryan Webb (West Perth)

Player departures[]

Retired: Don Pyke

Exchange period: Shane Bond (Port Adelaide), Ian Downsborough (Port Adelaide, uncontracted player selection), Brayden Lyle (Port Adelaide), Luke Trew (Western Bulldogs)

Delisted: Jason Heatley

Exchange period[]

Ian Downsborough to Port Adelaide as an uncontracted player selection (West Coast received picks 1 (Michael Gardiner and 24 (Josh Wooden) as compensation)


Traded To For Notes
Shane Bond
Brayden Lyle
Port Adelaide Pick 57 (Trent Cummings) Linked to Downsborough signing
Luke Trew
Pick 20 (Matthew Dent)
Western Bulldogs Ilija Grgic


National draft:

1. Michael Gardiner (Claremont)

24. Josh Wooden (NSW-ACT Rams)

39. Nick Stone (Claremont)

53. Michael Braun (Bendigo Pioneers)

57. Trent Cummings (Fitzroy)

Pre-season draft:

Did not participate

Rookie draft:

11. Paul Blair (Subiaco)

26. Ryan Webb (West Perth)

41. Trent Simpson (East Perth)

56. Todd Nener (East Perth)

Other players drafted[]

National draft:

19. Brent Tuckey (Collingwood)

49. Jason Heatley (St Kilda)

69. Chad Rintoul (Adelaide)

Rookie draft:

57. Luke Trew (Essendon)