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West Coast pulled off the heist of the century when they convinced Sydney to give up the first pick in the draft, and the rights to highly-rated Subiaco product Drew Banfield, in return for fringe midfielders Scott Watters and Tony Begovich. The Eagles were also able to get early picks in return for another pair of veterans who had missed out on premiership glory, with Dean Laidley heading to North Melbourne and Paul Peos to Brisbane.

Banfield was the clear jewel in the 1992 draft crown, going on to play 265 games and win premierships in 1994 and 2006. Shane Bond, taken with the pick obtained for Peos, also tasted premiership success in 1994 while Paul Symmons, Jarrad Schofield and Brayden Lyle were all useful players.

Player arrivals[]

National draft: Drew Banfield (Subiaco), Shane Bond (Port Adelaide Magpies), Travis Burton (Subiaco), Rhys Croxford (Claremont), Tony Godden (Subiaco), Brayden Lyle (Port Adelaide Magpies), David Muir (Claremont), Jarrad Schofield (Subiaco), Brett Spinks (South Fremantle), Paul Symmons (West Perth), Lee Walker (East Perth)

Pre-season draft: Travis Edmonds (Swan Districts), Brendan Green (Claremont), Brendon Retzlaff (Brisbane)

Player departures[]

Retired: Laurie Keene, Phil Scott

Exchange period: Tony Begovich (Sydney), Dean Laidley (North Melbourne), Paul Peos (Brisbane), Scott Watters (Sydney)

Delisted prior to June mid-season draft: David Regan

Prior to November draft: Adrian Barich, Jason Disney, Paul Gow, Nathan McIntosh, Kane Morphett, David Ogg, Tim Watson

Prior to March draft: Peter Freeman

Exchange period[]

Traded To For Notes
Scott Watters
Tony Begovich
Sydney Pick 1 (Drew Banfield)
Dean Laidley North Melbourne Pick 8 (Paul Symmons)
Paul Peos Brisbane Pick 21 (Shane Bond)


National draft:

1. Drew Banfield (Subiaco)

8. Paul Symmons (West Perth)

19. Lee Walker (East Perth)

21. Shane Bond (Port Adelaide Magpies)

34. Travis Burton (Subiaco)

49. Jarrad Schofield (Subiaco)

64. Tony Godden (Subiaco)

79. Brett Spinks (South Fremantle)

94. Rhys Croxford (Claremont)

109. David Muir (Claremont)

124. Brayden Lyle (Port Adelaide Magpies)

Pre-season draft:

19. Brendon Retzlaff (Brisbane)

35. Travis Edmonds (Hawthorn)

49. Brendan Green (Claremont)

Other players drafted[]

National draft:

3. Michael Prior (Essendon)

5. Jason Spinks (Sydney)

20. Scott Cummings (Essendon)

40. Michael Dunstan (Fitzroy)

45. Scott Thomson (Collingwood)

50. Andrew Donnelly (Sydney)

Pre-season draft:

10. Mark Zanotti (Fitzroy)

12. Tim Watson (Essendon)

66. Darren Bartsch (Essendon)