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Far and away the biggest success of West Coast's offseason came in the pre-draft, when they picked up future Club Champion Glen Jakovich and fellow 1992 premiership player Mitchell White. Few of the other inclusions played more than a handful of games, with the best being Matt Clape who played 23 games before going on to achieve premiership success with Carlton.

Player arrivals[]

Exchange period: Ian Dargie (St Kilda), Mark Hepburn (North Melbourne), Dale Kickett (Fitzroy)

Pre-draft selection: Glen Jakovich (South Fremantle), Mitchell White (Subiaco)

National draft: Matthew Burton (Subiaco), Matt Clape (East Perth), Gavin Cooney (Clarence, Tas), Derek Hall (West Perth), Shane Porter (North Launceston, Tas), Robert West (Wodonga, Vic), Mark Williams (Sandhurst, Vic)

Pre-season draft: Brad Edwards (Brisbane), Peter Higgins (West Coast, redrafted), Craig McNaughton (West Coast, redrafted), Cory Young (Richmond)

Player departures[]

Retired: John Annear, Brent Hutton, Dean Turner

Exchange period: Joe Cormack (Fitzroy), Peter Mann (North Melbourne), David O'Connell (Fitzroy), Stephen Schwerdt (Adelaide, uncontracted player)

Delisted (pre-November draft): Clinton Browning, Shane Cable, Warren Dean, Bret Hutchinson

(pre-March draft): Peter Higgins, Craig McNaughton, Peter Melesso

Exchange period[]

Stephen Schwerdt signed with Adelaide as an uncontracted player


Traded To For Notes
Peter Mann North Melbourne Pick 9 (Matt Clape)
Pick 50 (Craig Ellis) North Melbourne Mark Hepburn
David O'Connell
Joe Cormack
Pick 78 (Dean Harding)
Fitzroy Dale Kickett
Pick 69 (Gavin Cooney)
Pick 83 (Mark Williams)
Pick 92 (Jamie Shanahan) St Kilda Ian Dargie


Pre-draft picks:

Glen Jakovich (South Fremantle)

Mitchell White (Subiaco)

National draft:

9. Matt Clape (East Perth)

12. Shane Porter (North Launceston)

20. Robert West (Wodonga)

36. Matthew Burton (Subiaco)

64. Derek Hall (West Perth)

69. Gavin Cooney (Clarence)

83. Mark Williams (Sandhurst)

Pre-season draft:

18. Cory Young (Richmond)

35. Craig McNaughton (West Coast, redrafted)

49. Brad Edwards (Brisbane)

57. Peter Higgins (West Coast, redrafted)

Mid-season draft:

Did not participate.

Other players drafted[]

National draft:

Pre-draft pick: Paul Mifka (Brisbane)

7. Damian Hampson (Carlton)

8. Paul Gow (Footscray)

10. David Ogg (Brisbane)

52. Brendon Retzlaff (Collingwood)

Mid-season draft:

7. Darren Bartsch (Geelong)

38. Glen Bartlett (Brisbane)