Three of the future premiership players added to the squad. Photo:

West Coast cleaned up at the draft, picking up Ryan Turnbull with a pre-draft pick, Peter Matera in the first round, Tony Evans, Brett Heady and Ashley McIntosh late in the draft and then Dean Kemp almost as an afterthought when a number of Victorian sides took less than their full quota of West Australians. Peter Wilson was also brought home from Richmond to add to the significant number of future premiership players added during the offseason. The Eagles avoided any significant loss with inaugural squad member Don Holmes the most notable departure.

Player departuresEdit

Retired: Don Holmes

Delisted: Richard Geary

Delisted prior to June draft: Shane Ellis

Exchange periodEdit

Pick 18 (Robert Wren) and pick 32 (Shaun Slater) to Richmond for Peter Wilson


Pre-draft picks:

Peter Mann (Claremont)

Ryan Turnbull (Claremont)

National draft:

4. Peter Matera (South Fremantle)

50. Dean Irving (South Fremantle)

64. Tony Evans (Claremont)

78. Stephen Schwerdt (Central District)

92. Brett Heady (Subiaco)

112. Ashley McIntosh (Claremont, father-son)

Additional selections: Tony Begovich (Claremont), Brad Gwilliam (West Perth), Dean Kemp (Subiaco)

Pre-season draft:

4. Craig McGrath (Fitzroy)

10. Phil Narkle (Swan Districts)

24. Warren Dean (Melbourne)

38. Bret Hutchinson (Subiaco)

Mid-season draft:

10. Craig McNaughton (Sandhurst, Vic)

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